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Possible UNPA Logo
Possible UNPA Logo

"We the People" (of Canada and the world) need a "Peoples Assembly" - a voice - at the Global Level which can be achieved by a 3/4 vote within the UN General Assembly.

UN General Assembly (New York)
UN General Assembly (New York)

A UN Parliamentary Assembly would not eliminate the need for the current 193 member UN General Assembly which could act as a kind of upper house (senate) to the lower house (of commons) UNPA.

This campaign is intended for Canadian voters who don't like the way the world is being run - and believe it is time for a - World Parliament.
As a stepping stone to the development of a World Parliament many Canadian Members of Parliament (including Justin Trudeau) have endorsed the call for the establishment of a  United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA).
Endorsements by Members of Parliament in support of the UNPA Campaign appeal are what is needed to really get this going.   Will you help by requesting your MP endorse this appeal ?   Do you agree Canada (and the World) - has waited long enough ?
Canada needs to LEAD on this - not Follow....

Join the call for a UN Parliamentary Assembly - Ask your MP to ENDORSE !

---------------------------------------------------------------------------  Newest Endorsements


35,151,728 (2016)

Number of MP's:

338 (2015) (House)
(42nd Parliament)

MP's per person:
1 : 103,999

Number of UNPA endorsements by current MP's to date


Endorsed: 46                     (50%: 169)                             GOAL: 338

Dan Ruimy, Liberal
Dan Ruimy, Liberal
Wayne Stetski, NDP
Wayne Stetski, NDP
Kate Young, Liberal
Kate Young, Liberal

Contact your elected Member of Parliament

Note that all current Canadian Members of Parliament should already be aware of the

Campaign for the establishment of a UN Parliamentary Assembly by receiving numerous letters, emails and phone calls from World Federalist Movement Canada (WFMC) and others (see further details here) and if MP's are not aware of the campaign then this should be considered another attempt at informing them, as well as an opportunity for them to communicate with their constituents regarding this issue.

 - Email Addresses, Phone#'s and Twitter handles are contained in the list below -


If you do not recall the name of your MP you may look them up using your Postal Code - Find MP by Postal Code.

Let others know about your support and invite them to do the same.


SAMPLE LETTER - for - Please Endorse

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or - click on your MP's email address below to autoload email

If your MP has already endorsed, click on their email address to send a thank-you !

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