Just Getting Started - Endorse UNPA Canada

Hello and thank-you for visiting - Endorse UNPA Canada - (website) - officially launched this month on March 1.

Like many people I have been interested in the idea of a democratic World Parliament and Government, and have viewed the United Nations as a stepping-stone to achieving this goal - but have been disappointment more progress has not been made.

During my University days at SFU in the 1980's I was a student member of United Nations Association in Canada (UNAC) and enjoyed the discussions, as well as use of the library (at the Vancouver Branch), but became disillusioned as I saw the UN being more interested in pomp & circumstance than in real democratic reform at the global level.

All that changed however, with a simple internet search in 2009 and learning about the campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) which had started in 2007 - officially launched here in Canada by the Vancouver branch of World Federalist Movement Canada (WFMC) an organization I was familiar with from my University days.

Here, for the first time ever, I thought, was a real opportunity to make progress on this cause which even inspired me to develop some motivational ideas (proposals) of my own, that I thought might help move things along - https://www.buildingutopia.ca/ - (thanks also to David Suzuki who has endorsed the UNPA Campaign Appeal as well, by the way....).

I quickly joined WFMC and got involved with the Vancouver branch, serving on the boards of both the Vancouver Branch and National Branch. Helping with the branch website, designing & printing t-shirts, making presentations, calling local & national members, calling MP's (including Justin Trudeau in 2010) - and even met Andreas Bummel when he visited here in 2012 from the UNPA Campaign HQ in Germany.

Traditionally the campaign has preferred a low-key approach and slowly garnering support, as it did not want to attract too many naysayers... Personally, however, I say bring on the naysayers, as I am sure that even they do not like the way the world is being run... with screwball leaders not only killing their own citizens on home soil, but now even "reaching-out" and killing (including poisoning  with powerful nerve agents causing painful deaths) them in western cities - potentially threatening us all with their nonsense...


Besides, if the public does not even know about the unpa campaign, how are they ever going to be able to support it ?

A UN Parliament needs to be established to uphold the principles of democracy and human rights, globally, including the abolition of weapons of mass destruction - and even war itself - the UN has so far failed miserably at this - along with many other issues.


The UN is what we make it - Global Governance - is what we make it !

Canada has called on and endorsed the concept of a UN Parliament through a number of parliamentary committees, starting (on UN Day), as far as I can tell, in 1994 on the occasion of the UN's 49th Anniversary - - - - 2020 will be the UN's 75th Anniversary....


As a fellow Canadian, I welcome you to help promote the establishment of a UN Parliamentary Assembly !